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Green roofs are a wonder of nature. You will have so many benefits from different types of green roofs. You will find so many designs for green roofs for roofing Milwaukee Wi. The differences between the green rods come from the materials over the roof. There are so many types of green roofs. But today, we will discuss two main kinds of green roofs:

  • Intensive Green Roofs
  • Extensive Green Roofs

Intensive Green Roofs

The thickness or depth of the soil where you will plant trees for green roofs is a minimum of 120mm and more than 200mm. Suppose it is more profound than the category of extensive green roofs. These roofs are seen on the vast commercial structures or skyscrapers. In the deep soil, you can plant various vegetables, small plants, flower trees, shrubs, etc. Moreover, you can keep the water options, stone walkways, chairs, or benches.

Intensive green roofs are also known as parks or gardens. Large structures like huge buildings with solid roofs are perfect for this type of roofing. Because these roofs can hold so much weight with the installation, there will be the soil, irrigation system, drainage system, etc., big things on the roof. Those who want to set up a green roof over their structure in the future should be more careful to make the construction very strong with a professional roofer.

In addition, these roofs are similar to the traditional garden. So, you have to spend more of your time and money on the irrigation and maintenance of these roofs. But, compared to other green roofs, intensive green roofs are more beautiful to look at. You will have to install the drainage system properly with these roofs. Thus, you have to install more structural spaces. There will be a lot of gardening here. This gardening is possible in medium to large amounts. You will get the best result by getting a durable roof and water absorption system.

Extensive Green Roofs

Compared to the soil thickness, the extensive roofs are smaller, starting from 100 to 150 mm. The function of these roofs is to increase the roof’s beauty rather than make a garden here. You can easily install these roofs and have to do very little maintenance. There are a lot of available roofing materials for extensive roofs. The extensive roofs are appropriate for new structures like new buildings and comparatively small structures than the intensive roofs.

The reason is the roofs come over mats where grass, moss, and a combination of these types of things will grow. You can quickly transfer them to the site of installation. There is no need for substantial structural works for the extensive roofs. By spending very little money, you can install this roofing system. Interestingly, you will get the extensive green roofs in a readymade form. It is a mat from 10 to 20 mm with vegetation or medium, which are known as sedum mats.

One layer of these mats is laid over another shallow layer with growing medium, and the mat is ultimately placed over the protection mat and filter sheet. Where the roof is very light and shallow, there is no need to grow medium and lay the sedum mat over the protection mat or filter sheet. You don’t have to go for much irrigation when you have an extensive roof. But you cannot grow all kinds of vegetation like the intensive roof here.

The seeds are grown in a tray with a growing medium laying over another growing medium, a protection mat, and a filter sheet. These extensive green roofs can face extreme weather, brisk wind, temperature variations, floods, drought, etc. By installing an extensive roof, you can contribute to growing a ‘biodiverse’ roof, another name for this green roof. Many insects, animals, and birds get their living place here.

Last Words

The roofer Milwaukee cloudroofingmilwaukee.com can install any green roof for you. There is also the ‘semi-intensive’ roof between these two green roofs. You can choose anyone according to your requirement, taste, and building structure. Thus, you can enjoy the green nature on your roof daily too!

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